About Us

There is an proverb “experience is the best teacher”, I strongly agree with that Thanks to the experience we have been involved in as a guide trekking, makes us want to share the knowledge about trekking to you. Through this website we invite you to climb Mount Rinjani which is one of the geopark sites in Indonesia. With the offer of tour packages that to you we believe can bring a trekking experience that you will not forget all your life. Why do you choose us as your agent to climb to Rinjani Mountain.


about us

One simple approach to get it drop your self into world travel site discussion, however unfortunately now many fake travel audit made by organization to lead their into trusted and top organization. We are here to be your online manual for share right data that we win from late experience individuals.

Why Us:

  • We are an official trekking agent that has been registered in the national park group and recommended. We are also a very environmental sustainability focused company and regularly run projects to send teams to pick up rubbish from the mountain, we noticed our porters and guide making sure that every single item they brought to the mountain was taken back for proper disposal or recycling.
  • Our team has experienced, the workers (guide & porter) are experienced people in trekking especially trekking in rinjani. The porters managed to surprise you with every meal. From an incredible 3-course lunch on day 1 to our delicious burger & chips served up on day 2 morning (after early morning summit attempt!), you will amaze by what they could produce on a mountain top at 2,600m altitude!. A full buffet breakfast is also included in your stay which was varied and plentiful with options including eggs, toast, omelette, fruit and tea/coffee. A good start to the day before setting off on your trek!
  • Camp with care and bury toilet waste.
  • And most importantly we are indigenous local people who live from trekking so as to maintain the sustainability of tourism activities with eco friendly tourism. Our motto is take photo leave only foot print.