CNC Gear Chamfering Machine Series

  • Product name:JCC32M
  • JCC32M CNC Whirlwind Gear Slot Milling Machine
>>A detailed description

The machine adopts cycloid machining theory in the meanwhile machining three slider slots, significantly improves the working efficiency, as well as reducing the burr process. With the automatic deburring equipment additionally, the manual deburring process can be canceled. According to the customers’ order, the machine can be equipped with noncontact automatic tooth meshing device, automatic lubrication、automatic door, safety lock etc.. The type of machine is specially designed for the slider slots of gear synchronizer, and it meets various needs of the customers.
The machine adopts cross axle type structure, the structure is compact, high-rigidity, loading and unloading is convenience. It can add additional station conveniently so as to to be compound machine.
JCMT have independent research adjustment calculation software as so to save the time for setting time and tool design.
Compared with traditional machining method:



Traditional machining method:

Whirlwind Gear Slot Milling Machine

Machining method

Forming method

Cycloid continuous processing

Cutting tool

high-speed steel cutting tool

Coated cemented carbide indexable inserts cutting tool



Small and with the automatic deburring equipment

Parameter table:

Design sketch: