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Company profile

Tianjin Jingcheng machine tool Co., LTD. was established in 1998, which is private high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of CNC gear machine tools, and it is the National Torch Plan high-tech enterprise; Tianjin Key support science and technology small giant enterprise; Tianjin famous-brand product

The company existing staff 220 people, among them: junior college degree above 112 people, master's or higher degree of eight people, all kinds of professional and technical staff of 97 people, Intermediate titles more than 31 technical staff, senior skilled worker 36 people, national expert 2 people, all for the industry has the rich experience of professional and elite backbone. The company has consistently achieved the Tianjin high and new technology enterprise certificate, as a municipal class enterprise technique center. In addition, our company is qualified unit by CE standard and DNV ISO9001 standard.

Our company have four series domestically innovated products. The major products are automotive rear axle gear (gear milling, gear broaching, gear lapping) CNC machine tools series; Auto gearbox, synchronizer gear (chamfering, deburring) CNC machine tools series; Heavy and small module spiral bevel gear CNC machine tools and auxiliary equipments series; Wind power industry large internal and external cylindrical gears (milling gear, gear shaving, gear hobbing) CNC machine tools series.  They are mainly designed for automobile, motorcycle, oil, wind power, metallurgy, mining machinery, construction machinery, shipping, military industry, electric tools, sewing machine industry for the gear processing manufacturing.

During the eleventh five-year plan, the company has undertake Tianjin Science and technology innovation special funds projects eight awards, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements involve products of 18, state-level honors of 8, municipal honor of 38, the enterprise has owned 81 patents, which is authorized by the state and create multiple "China in first", " for “China equipment, equipment China" have made a contribution.

According to "development of the technology content and economic value-added products, from one machine to complete sets、production line, a comprehensive solution for the needs of the user product" mentality, through the independent innovation, the fast development, make the product structure adjustment further optimization, product sales has increase several times over, in the meanwhile our company has export the product to Germany, the United States, Finland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, more than 10 countries and regions, and to be the CNC gear processing machine tools and complete set technology of the equipment supply base.

   The company aspires to be the leader in the area of technology, and with "run first-class enterprise, create famous quality products" as the goal, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers with high quality products, technical consultation, training and to fully solution.